UEA – European Furniture Manufacturers Federation is a European-level social partner organisation representing European employers and involves furniture national organisations from 7 countries. It was created in 1950 to promote co-operation among the furniture manufacturers in post war Europe and five years ago, it moved the headquarter to Czech Republic. It has a deep knowledge of the Czech and other EU countries furniture companies and markets. UEA supports furniture National associations exchanging information, participating to specific projects and to the work of the European Social Dialogue Committee on Furniture, of which is an official social member.

UEA involves: ACN (Czech Republic), BKDMP (Bulgaria), APIMA (Portugal), APMR (Romania), CENFIM (Spain), MOBIDER (Turkey) and BFM (UK).

It aims to maintain and strengthen the permanent contacts among members and to act as their voice towards other trade organizations, EU authorities and international entities such as WTO, OECD, UNIDO.

It aims to establish and represent the general interests of its members while ensuring the greatest possible influence on rules, decisions and directives made or issued by international organizations and authorities.